Gravity Sidehill Screens
Built-in efficiency and simplicity

The liquid-solid separation and dewatering gravity screens that Fluid-Quip builds have been redesigned for efficiency of operations and simplicity of maintenance. The following is a list of unique features:

Standard Features:

  • Built-in tapered headbox
  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Flow distribution baffle
  • Mounting stanchions
  • Rugged replaceable screen panel with seals
  • No motors or rotating parts


  • Hinged doors and covers
  • Bottom effluent connection
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Flanged connections
  • Solids discharge chute
  • Clean-out ports
  • Flush header


Slurry is gravity fed or pumped to the headbox, where it over flows the weir and flows downward on the screen. As the flow accelerates, the slurry attaches to the screen bars and passes through the openings. Solids greater than the opening are retained on the screen surface where they build kinetic energy and roll downward off the screen to reuse or disposal. With free drainage material, most of the free fluid is removed in one pass.

You can count on Fluid-Quip's experienced technical engineers to design or retrofit your gravity screen system lace front wigs uk

gravityscreen-front.gif - 43889 Bytes

gravityscreen-side.gif - 20718 Bytes gravityscreen-back.gif - 20383 Bytes

Wet Corn Milling
  • Corn dewatering - ahead of 1st grind
  • Slurry dewatering - ahead of 2nd grind
  • Germ washing and dewatering - three stage
  • Effluent pre-treatment
Pulp and Paper
  • Broke thickening
  • Clarifying chip washer effluent
  • Thickening pressure screen rejects
  • Effluent pre-treatment

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